Join Kaitlyn, the Book Enthusiast, as she delves into the heart of books!

I’ve dubbed myself Reader Extraordinaire because I’m constantly reading and trying to rant to anyone who will listen about the books that give me so many feels. So, I figured the best way to do that and get out those rants was to start a blog; I will try to tell you enough of the story to have you on your toes to read the book and immerse yourself as I did. So many people ask me “is that a new book” or “why are you always reading?” And my answer is always the same: because I love it.

I love reading for so many reasons; I love the friends you can make, for the lands you can visit, and for the adventures you can go on. In books, you are removed from the present and tossed into dreams that we all have: hope, love, courage, and faith. I hope you enjoy these short, little reviews, and as much as I want to, I won’t reveal the ending. Hopefully… I want you to read the book, so you too can gasp in horror or delight.

My job is to simply tell you enough that you yearn to pick up that heavy stack of printed paper and lose all track of time for a few hours. I love you all, and thank you tremendously for reading my posts and visiting my site. I hope you enjoy yourselves. Over to the side is where you can select to go to reviews and then choose a category, or simply choose a category and read from there.

     With all my love,

The RE